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Introducing Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Posted by adipro 15/09/2014 0 Comment(s) Branding,
It wasn’t long ago that we celebrated HP’s 75th anniversary, which is also considered the founding of Silicon Valley.  And six months ago, we announced that HP would separate into two new industry leading Fortune 50 companies. Today, we’re embarking upon another leg of our journey with the launch of the new brand for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which we unveiled to employees this morning. 
When we announced the separation, we knew that the name Hewlett Packard Enterprise would carry a rich legacy.  We wanted to build on the past and create a brand that supports the business we are today and projects who we will be in the future. But first, we had to ask ourselves, what do we want to stand for in the marketplace? What do we want to be known for? What are the values that drive us?
The heart of Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Our new company will focus on the enterprise, both large and small.  We know that what we do is core to the businesses of our customers and partners.  We are innovators at heart – that’s in our DNA.  We had to continue to bring forth the practical innovation we’ve always been known for – the pride we feel in inventing new ways to improve how we live and work.
And, there are new elements we want to explore, like agility, openness and partnership with our customers. It takes more than great technology to succeed in the world today. It also takes an environment where collaborative people, empowering technology, and transformative ideas come together to carry our customers forward faster.  This will be at the heart of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.
Bringing our ideals to life
To bring our ideals to life, we needed a logo and a design system that would be singular and defining.  We needed a design that would express our renewed commitment to focus and simplicity. And we needed a logo that would be as transformative, flexible and agile as we are becoming, while standing out from the pack.  Finally, the logo needed to work across all the ways we would use it. 
introducing hewlett packard enterprise logo and brand identity
It’s different, I know. What I love about our new logo design is how it stands out among our competitors. The color we picked is no accident. I wanted us to stand apart.
The other thing that stands out for me is its simplicity.  But, guess what, that’s what we’re going to be about – easy to do business with and precise in our work, our engineering and our innovation.
And, of course, we’re going to be great partners.  Maybe you noticed it, but take a look at the name “Hewlett” in the new design.  This is the first time in our history that the two t’s in Hewlett connect. That connection is symbolic of the partnership we will forge with our customers, partners, and our employees – what we will do together to help drive your business forward. 
This is an exciting milestone in our separation and the creation of the new Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Seeing all of this come to life really drives home that we’re becoming two new companies – Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc. While we’re continuing our traditions and our strategy, we are truly embarking on a new journey. Stay tuned as we continue to make business history together. 

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